Kölner Miniatum

Size for high gloss for gilding on paper, vellum, leather and flexible surfaces.
Kölner Miniatum products are developed for the gilding of paintings and writings (calligraphy).
It is easy to use.
Apply, let it dry and metallize it with transfer gold within the next 24 hours.

Product feature: On the basis of a watery, glycol-containing acrylic dispersion. It contains small quantities butylcarbitol. Make sure sthat there is sufficient ventilation while working with this product!

High gloss gilding and silvering. Particularly used on paper and other flexible surfaces, but can also be used on non-flexible surfaces.
Kölner Miniatum should be processed at a room temperature between 15 – 25 °C. Additional dilution with water is possible. However, this should not exceed 5 %. It can be stored for at least 1 year after production. Brushes, pens and so on should be cleaned with soap and water, as long as the size has not formed a film. For longer works, periodic cleaning with water can become necessary, in particular with high temperature surroundings. Cleaning with alcohol or acetone is possible after filming.

Product description:
The elastic nature of the size assures a long lasting gilded surface. The turning of illuminated pages will not cause the leaf to delaminate. Adhesion is guaranteed on paper, vellum (degreased), smooth leather and different plastic foils (plasticizer-free), as well as on metal-concealed papers (aluminium) and a lot of other materials.

Miniatum is especially important for gilding in the domain of book illumination.
Even without agate burnishing, surfaces with spectacular high-gloss can be achieved. Miniatum works perfectly when high gloss is desired, especially for small surfaces.

Article number Size Color
290-10603515 50 ml clear
290-10653515 50 ml yellow

Safty data sheet
Kölner Miniatum