Kölner impregnation agent

The impregnation agent is used to seal an absorbing surface, which forms a film inside the material without building a closed layer at the surface.
Such materials are, amongst others, plastering, plaster and paper material.
The impregnation agent improves the adhesion between the work material and the following primer coat.
Therefore, it is very important that the correct impregnation agent is used.

The impregnation agent provides a better adhesive for the KGGG-Fond.

Kölner Sealer P is a water dilutable, acrylic resin dispersion. The solvent content is < 1 %. After film building, the layer can only be removed with acetone or ethanol. Brushes should be washed out with water. The product can be stored for at least 1 year. Advantage of Sealer P over Sealer 123 A are an enhanced provision of adhesion of Kölner KGGG Fond and spray fond, as well as a lower impregnation depth for extremely absorbing underlayers, e.g. plaster. Sealer 123a is diluted with water. It is applied to diminish absorbing surfaces, and to secure the adhesion of the next layer of fond. It can be used for gilding on e.g. plaster, stone and wood.

Article number Size Article number Size
Kölner Sealer P Kölner Sealer 123a
290-11554201 100 ml 290-11504101 100 ml
290-11554205 500 ml 290-11504105 500 ml
290-11554210 1000 ml 290-11504110 1000 ml
290-11554240 4000 ml 290-11504140 4000 ml