Kölner Fond

The Fond is a water-based, one-layer gilders clay, which replaces the Gesso and bole/poliment layers of the traditional system. The Fond can be applied directly in the correct colour without warming the product. Usually, 4 to 6 layers are applied, depending on the type of the present reliefs. A dry film thickness of 150 μm must be reached everywhere where later the leaf metal will be burnished.

Firstly, the Fond must be stirred. Don´t shake, otherwise air bubbles will arise. Applying the Fond occurs in at least 4 layers. As soon as the last layer has dried, it should be mildly polished with a damp cloth. Afterwards, it is polished with a dry cloth until it shines.

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Article number Name Size Color
290-11654401 Fond Bi 100 ml poliment red dark
290-11654405 Fond Bi 500 ml poliment red dark
290-11654410 Fond Bi 1000 ml poliment red dark
290-11654440 Fond Bi 4000 ml poliment red dark
290-11604301 Fond B 100 ml poliment red
290-11604305 Fond B 500 ml poliment red
290-11604310 Fond B 1000 ml poliment red
290-11604340 Fond B 4000 ml poliment red
290-11704501 Fond O 100 ml ochre
290-11704505 Fond O 500 ml ochre
290-11704510 Fond O 1000 ml ochre
290-11704540 Fond O 4000 ml ochre
290-11754601 Fond L 100 ml
290-11754605 Fond L 500 ml yellow
290-11754610 Fond L 1000 ml yellow
290-11754640 Fond L 4000 ml yellow
290-11804701 Fond E 100 ml blue
290-11804705 Fond E 500 ml blue
290-11804710 Fond E 1000 ml blue
290-11804740 Fond E 4000 ml blue
290-11904901 Fond S 100 ml black
290-11904905 Fond S 500 ml black
290-11904910 Fond S 1000 ml black
290-11904940 Fond S 4000 ml black
290-11854801 Fond C 100 ml white
290-11854805 Fond C 500 ml white
290-11854810 Fond C 1000 ml white
290-11854840 Fond C 4000 ml white

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Kölner Fond