About us

It starts with passion.
In the cathedral city of Cologne, the cornerstone for innovative adhesive for gold leaf was laid in 1979. The noble gold leaf, enchanting and seemingly everlasting, demands high quality adhesives. The market launch of the Instacoll and KGGG-Systems followed soon after the founding of Kölner Gilding Products.
The advantages with the usage and the excellent quality of the gilding were immediately evident.

Today, the company Kölner Gilding Products GmbH has its registered office in Germany’s golden city, Dresden. As a manufacturer, we occupy approximately 20 employees. Our own lab ensures constant development, and documents every batch.

Our enterprise embodies the core values/principles of gilder competence,
customer orientation and reliability.
Our business philosophy is to delight our customers with innovative and high quality, excellent customer service and a unique price-performance ratio. Passion and goal orientation are factors that make us a valued and notable partner for gilding projects all over the world.

Made in Germany
When we think of Germany, we think of flexibility, productivity and quality.
To stay competitive, we use the newest manufacturing technologies with uncompromising quality standards and with love for smart, detailed solutions.
Enjoy our high quality and „Made in Germany“ service!